Aust Thello


Craft (Bookbinding)
Decipher Script
Gather Information
Knowledge (History)
Knowledge (Nature)
Knowledge (Geography)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
Knowledge (Architecture)


21 years old
Dark skin with black curly hair cut close to his head. Starts growing a beard if he doesn’t shave at least once a week. Dressed in a typical outfit for the librarians he came from. It looks like this

only the shirt is not as long + tucked in and a muted red. The tights/pants are black. He also has to wear spectacles with silver rims in order to see anything more than two feet in front of his house. It is a common sight to see him leaning over and squinting at texts over the top of his glasses.
Aust is extremely picky about details, as his training has shaped him to be. He has been a librarian-in-training since he was eight, and though he loved the apprenticeship he wasn’t socialized with a wide variety of people. As such, he can come off as awkward in large groups. However, he is still a captivating young man (if only for the humor in the things he unintentionally says) and most people will put up with if not encourage him. He believes that anything you need to know can come from a book, and will turn to them if he needs advice on what to do next. Also, he’s an obnoxious drunk.
Aust’s apprenticeship has given him an eclectic but usually useful array of skills. He is a decent amount of knowledge on a wide amount of things. As well, he is adept at finding information from both books and people. His literacy is a source of pride, and he claims he can read almost anything. As well, he is adept at speaking a decent number of languages. Hours of restoring manuscripts have also unknowingly given him quite the talent for forgery.
Years spent in the library have not done wonders for Aust’s physical fitness. He is weak compared to others his age, both in strength and in constitution. As well, he is hopeless at magic. His masters attempted to teach him some early on, but he every spell he spoke either didn’t do anything or, on one memorable occasion, summoned a fiendish monstrous centipede to terrorize the library. He has not been allowed to touch a spellbook since then.
Aust grew up in the illustrious port city of Shultower, named for an imposing tower posed on a hill overlooking the city. The tower itself houses the lord of the city, as well as The Library of a Thousand Years. The library itself is famous throughout the surrounding lands as the compository of every book and every word written for the recorded history of the reign of the ruling family Borsche. People flock from all over the continent to study at the tower, and rarely are they disappointed. Everything from magic to world geography to history can be found amongst its shelves.
However, such extensive knowledge must be catalogued, cared for, and regularly updated. To do so, the lord has hired a crack team of librarians. They are also semi-famous for the speed and precision for which they can find the exact book you need, or the way they can spout of useful facts. It is considered an honor to be selected to join the ranks of the librarians, and very few get such an opportunity.
Aust, by all means, should not have gotten the opportunity. He was the son of a fisherman who was on the poorer side of average. Aust was also the eldest of three sons, and his mother often worried about what would become of them. She worried about Aust especially, as he displayed an intelligence rarely seen in the son of hard working men. Knowing he would be unhappy with the job of her fisherman, she convinced her husband to talk with one of his regular customers- a librarian who had a taste for fresh seafood.
The librarian, intrigued by the fisherman’s description of his son, paid a visit to Aust alongside two other librarians. After performing a few tests to determine his intelligence, they offered to take the boy on as a Librarian’s apprentice. Overjoyed, Aust’s mother and father agreed. At eight, he was sent to live in the grand tower and the Library of a Thousand Years.
For the next thirteen years, Aust’s intelligence was put to the test as he learned the trade of librarians. He learned how to organize and find books, how to make books, how to read and write in various handwritings and languages. He learned the history of the Borsche, and of the continent, and of the surrounding continents, and of beasts and castles and dungeons. Although it was rarely easy, Aust found it enjoyable and believed that he had found his true calling.
Recent History (Or, how he got to where he is supposed to be):
Aust did not plan to be adventurer. However, he was selected from a committee of Head Librarians of being the most fit and capable due to his “youthful vigor”. All other librarians were either under sixteen or over thirty five.
The librarians designed for him a quest to travel the world and seek out knowledge and books outside of their lands. It was a quest of learning, and Aust was powerless to refuse. They provided him with 15 gp worth of equipment (after all, this was not funded by the lord or the Borsch family, and the librarians were richer in spirit than in worldly possessions.) To help him on his journeys, however, they provided him with the useful A Lad’s Guide to Adventuring alongside a light crossbow that they had been keeping under the reception desk in case someone tried to make off with a book.
He was placed upon a ship sent for some unknown land with the directions to “come back with something useful.” He sailed for a month, whereupon he landed in a strange city. Overwhelmed, he used the last of his gold to pay for a cart out of the port and towards the grandest kingdom he could remember the name of. He traveled for two weeks before ending up in the dinghy little town where the quest begins. He entered the tavern in order to try and barter for a drink of something that was not ale.

Aust Thello

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